1. Administration

    Gather more information about the administration of Apopka, including visiting pages for the City Administrator, the City Clerk's office, and more.

  2. Code Enforcement

    The city of Apopka is a community that is safe and beautifully landscaped, and the Code Compliance Department plays an important role in preserving these “good life” standards that we all enjoy as residents of Apopka.

  3. Community Development

    The Community Development Department strives to set the highest standards and expectations for customer and resident satisfaction in the implementation and administration of various city, state, and federal codes and regulations.

  4. Finance

    The Finance Department collects, accounts for, and disburses City funds under the direction of the City Commission.

  5. Fire

    Get great information on the Apopka Fire Department.

  6. Human Resources

    Our vision is to consistently focus on providing outstanding support to all departments in achievement of the City’s goals, as well as focus on achievement of our departmental goals.

  7. Police

  8. Public Services

    The Public Services Department strives to maintain that which has been created for us in previous generations; to create infrastructure and public facilities that will support the needs of today, the economic development of today; and to create the foundation for our children' needs for economic growth and quality of life in the future.

  9. Recreation

    Our mission is to provide a variety of wholesome, innovative and environmentally diverse recreation programs, activities, and facilities that will enrich the lives of the citizens of Apopka through quality leadership, fiscal stability and responsible planning.