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Kit Land Nelson Park


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  4. Racquetball Courts
Kit Land Nelson Park is a 5 acre facility located off of Park Avenue between First Street and Orange Street. 

Splash Pad



The City splash pad at Kit Land Nelson Park includes features with some such fun names as the Mega Soaker – a large bucket that drops 40 gallons of water at a time. A Sneaky Soaker has smaller splash buckets mounted on a tall pole with a water shower head. Splash Blasters are small water cannons, a Fun-Guy is a mushroom-shaped sprayer for toddlers, the Fun-Brella creates a curtain of water and a Spray Tunnel sprays water from a series of ground spouts.

Hours of Operation:

Fall 2019 August – End of September: Weekends Only
Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm

Spring 2020 Opening April: Weekends Only  
Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm

Summer 2020 Opening June:  Daily (7 days a week) 
Sunday- Saturday 10am-6pm

Admission $2 for all ages

Splash Pad Private Party

$150 Residents / $200 non-residents 
Includes 2 hours party between the hours of 6pm-8pm when the splash pad is closed to the public. Shade structure & pavilions includes in rental. 

For availability please contact 407-703-1642.

Space Net Duo

The red and yellow playground featured at Kit Land Nelson Park was manufactured by a company called Dynamo and is called the "Space Net Duo." The City of Apopka was the first municipality to purchase such a playground in Central Florida.

Name Origin

Originally known as "City Park," Kit Land Nelson Park was renamed in honor of Katherine "Kit" Land Nelson, Mayor John Land's sister, after she passed away. Kit was a great supporter of our parks and foliage industry and was a proud member of the Apopka Woman's Club.

For additional information please call, 407-703-1642.