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Kit Land Nelson Park


  1. Gazebo
  2. Picnic Areas
  3. Playground
  4. Racquetball Courts
  5. Tennis Court
Kit Land Nelson Park is a 5 acre facility located off of Park Avenue between First Street and Orange Street.


It features several picnic areas and a gazebo, along with:
  • Playground
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Tennis Courts

Space Net Duo

The red and yellow playground featured at Kit Land Nelson Park was manufactured by a company called Dynamo and is called the "Space Net Duo." The City of Apopka was the first municipality to purchase such a playground in Central Florida.

Name Origin

Originally known as "City Park," Kit Land Nelson Park was renamed in honor of Katherine "Kit" Land Nelson, Mayor John Land's sister, after she passed away. Kit was a great supporter of our parks and foliage industry and was a proud member of the Apopka Woman's Club.

Additional Phone Number

  • Fax: 407-703-1783

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