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Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting: Notice of Intent to Speak

  1. Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA): Notice of Intent to Speak

    Please complete the information below to submit a Public Comment or Public Hearing item at the Community Redevelopment Agency meeting. Comments should be addressed to the Council as a whole, not to an individual member. We ask that you limit your remarks to a total of four minutes, regardless of the number of subjects or items you wish to address during public comment. Thank you for your cooperation and participation.

  2. The City of Apopka request that all comments are expressed in a courteous manner.

  3. Please Note: Comments received after 9 AM the day of the scheduled meeting may not be included in the record. You are encouraged to send in your comments early to allow for distribution and review. The City Clerk can also be reached at 407-703-1704.

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    By checking the "Yes" option below, you agree that all the information above is true and accurate, and that you understand it will be used in the public record. For additional information, please refer to the agenda for the meeting.

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