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Application for Mixed Use Master Plan

  1. Application for Mixed Use Master Plan Cover Sheet

  2. General Information

    Application submittal deadline, first working day of any month.
    This application requires a Public Hearing. Attendance at the Planning Commission and the City Council meetings are required.
    Public Hearing procedures as set forth in the adopted Municipal Code, Comprehensive Plan, and Land Development Code shall be followed.
    Master Plans which require re-submittal and are not submitted within sixty (60) days of review date will be considered expired.
    A pre-application meeting with the Community Development Department must be held prior to the filing of a Conceptual Master Plan.
    A Concept Plan review by the City’s Development Review Committee (DRC) is required prior to filing the Master Plan application.

  3. Items Required for Submittal

    Completed Master Plan Application (typed) including notarized signature(s) of all property owners of record.
    Completed application for Concurrency Verification.
    Current survey of the subject property with Legal Description.
    Seven (7) complete sets of Master Plan, Signed And Sealed by an engineer.
    Legal title opinion or certification as to Fee Simple Title Owner(s) and Warranty Deed.
    A notarized letter from the property owner(s) authorizing project Representative(s).
    Any additional information which may be useful or required by the City.

  4. Fee Information

    Application Fee: Master Plan - $750
    Master Plan Amendment - $400
    Checks made payable to the City of Apopka.
    No portion of the submittal fee will be refunded after application has been submitted.
    Should the cost of this process exceed the fee charge, the City will bill the applicant/owner for actual costs above the established fees.
    Cost incurred in addition to established fees for advertising, City Attorney, postage or consultant expenses must be paid to the City.
    Cancellation of Public Hearing by the applicant must be in writing a minimum of 5 days prior to the hearing and the applicant will be required to pay for all re-advertising and plan re-submittal fees.

  5. Master Plan to Include (General)

    Requirements of the Mixed-Use AND the PUD Zoning District.
    Requirements of the City’s Land Development Code and Development Design Guidelines.
    Proposed building exterior elevations (includes residential housing units and housing floor plans.)
    The City’s Land Development Code and Development Design Guidelines may be purchased in the Community Development Department.

  6. Application for Mixed Use Master Plan

  7. Request

    (Select one)

  8. Engineer Information

  9. Owner Information

  10. Property Information

  11. (General)

  12. List all individually

  13. (based on the survey)

  14. Proposed Uses Within the Development

  15. Single-Family

  16. Multi-Family

  17. Commercial

  18. Town Center

  19. Industrial

  20. Office

  21. Common Use Area

  22. Recreation

  23. Open Space

  24. Wetland Area

  25. Right-of-Way

  26. Other

  27. For Official Use Only

    (Applicants do not fill this section out)

  28. ($)

  29. Property Owner(s) Signature and Certification

    (All owners of record must sign this application)

  30. Please acknowledge by initialing each statement.

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