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1. What is a backflow prevention device, and who would need it?
2. What do I do about a sewer backing up?
3. How I report potholes and other street repair issues?
4. How hard is my water?
5. I have a water break or leak who should I call?
6. Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?
7. Why does the City have a storm water charge?
8. My meter box is overgrown — who is responsible to clean it up?
9. The storm drain on our street is clogged. Who do I call for repairs?
10. How often should I have my grease trap pumped?
11. Why use reclaimed water?
12. Is fluoride added to my water?
13. Do I need to buy bottled water or can I drink from tap?
14. What is reclaimed water?
15. Where does my water come from?