Regulations & Permits

City of Apopka Sewer Use Ordinance Commercial Industrial Pretreatment Guidelines

Chapter 82, Article II, Section 83.38, §38.03 - General Sewer Use Requirements and Prohibitions of the City's Code of Ordinances, page 25. Purpose and policy, administration, abbreviations and definitions are found in § 38.01 General Provisions, page 7.

Florida Administrative Codes

Provides technical information regarding discharges from Industrial Users to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW).

Environmental Protection Agency Industrial Regulations

Provides technical data regarding Industrial User Dischargers. Please visit the EPA-Industrial Regulations website.

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Protection of the Environment

Provides information on specific regulations limiting discharges of toxic and other conventional or non-conventional pollutants into the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (includes collection system) and the environment. Please visit the Code of Federal Regulations website.

Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

The WDPA must be completed entirely in order to process the Permit for Wastewater Discharges into the City of Apopka's SCS. The application is to be completed and brought or sent to us at the address listed below. Please be sure that an authorized person sign and date the front of the application as indicated. Please call with any questions.

Surcharge Program

Surcharges are based on the milligrams per liter of conventional pollutants to the SCS. Generally those are BOD, TSS, Vegetable Oil, and Petroleum Hydrocarbon Oils (See “definitions” starting on page 8 of the Sewer Use Ordinance). Sampling is performed each 30 days and if any parameter exceeds the allowable limits, the commercial user is responsible for the addition of surcharges added to the utility bill. Parameter maximums and fees are available in the Sewer Use Ordinance beginning on page 58.

Go to: Chapter 82, Article II, Section 83.38, §38.16, Subsection IV Surcharge (Effluent Penalty) Program, A, page 58.