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City Meetings

  1. City Council Meeting: Notice of Intent to Speak

    Use this form to submit a comment during the Public Hearing or Public Comment portion of City Council.

  1. Planning Commission Notice of Intent to Speak: Public Hearing

    To speak before Planning Commission on a matter requiring Public Hearing.

Community Development Department

  1. Engineering: Utility Availability Request Form

    Engineering Division Utility Availability Request

Police Department

  1. Apopka Police Department Birthday Party Request Form

    This program is offered to children 4 to 10 years old. Your child will enjoy a birthday party at the police department hosted by Apopka... More…

Public Services

  1. Water Conservation Incentive Program Application

    Please read all guidelines and incentive information before applying at

Request Tracker Forms

  1. Ask the Apopka Police Department

    The Apopka Police Department welcomes questions from our community.

Utility Applications

  1. eBill Authorization
  2. Termination of Service (Utility Billing)

    City of Apopka Utilities requires a 24 hour notice for disconnect. Disconnections are only processed Monday through Friday (except... More…

  1. Refund Request (Utility Billing)

    City of Apopka Utilities Request Form

  2. Update Customer Information (Utility Billing)

    City of Apopka Utilities Customer Information Update Form